Do you know how tricks are done in the air?

Well, when is there an extreme show under the dome of the arena on cross-country motorcycles?

Such is the crown of motofreestyle.

I also don’t know how you can ignore the laws of physics, but once we happened to do stuff for the FERZ Team No. 1 in Motofreestyle

I had to delve into the issue.
Now Crazy Iron has the secret knowledge of how to make the motorcycle under the control of the pilot, not only on the ground, but also in flight.
There is a special part for this (see photo)

It's a Crazy Iron hook

In general, you take off, do a somersault, snap off the hold, pull the motorcycle towards you with the hold and land.

Otherwise, this part is called FOOT HOOK (foot hook).
Such a little trick and such a spectator sport.

Holds for FMX available.