Delivery and payment


  1. The possible methods of delivery of goods to the Buyer shall be listed after the Buyer forms his/her basket of goods and enters his/her delivery address.
  2. Delivery of Goods shall be a paid service.
  3. Where the Buyer chooses a delivery service, the delivery price shall be displayed to the Buyer at the end of the order process, before choosing the payment method and / or making a payment. The price of delivery of goods shall be paid in advance, along with the payment for goods.
  4. The Buyer undertakes to indicate the exact place of delivery of the goods.
  5. The goods are delivered by the Seller or its authorized representative (delivery service).
  6. Payment for home delivery does not include service for bringing upstairs the ordered goods – this service Buyer should order as an additional option.
  7. Time to prepare order (before sending the order by Delivery Company or be ready to pick-up) may last from 2 (two) to 10 (ten) working days depending on type of goods and volume of order of the Buyer. Delivery time depends on terms of Delivery Company and country of the Buyer.
  8. The Buyer shall be informed by e-mail and / or phone of the date and time of delivery of the Goods. The Buyer can be individually informed about the different delivery time of the Goods. The Seller cannot guarantee that the Goods will in all cases be delivered in accordance with the Terms and / or other conditions found in the Web Store and that they will be delivered in accordance with the delivery conditions individually specified by the Buyer, especially if the ordered Goods are not in the Seller’s warehouse. The Seller undertakes to ensure, as far as possible, that the Goods are delivered as soon as possible.
  9. Before delivery of goods, the representative of the Seller shall contact the Buyer and coordinate all details of delivery.
  10. When ordering a delivery service, the Buyer shall specify the exact place of delivery of goods and create suitable conditions for unloading the goods (unlock gates, lift a boom barrier, open the door, etc.).
  11. If the Buyer accepts a shipment without making any comments, goods shall be considered delivered in an undamaged packaging, the quantity, quality and assortment of goods shall be considered to be in line with the terms of the Purchase–Sale Agreement and additional services related to the sale and delivery of goods shall be considered to have been carried out properly.
  12. The Buyer undertakes to accept goods himself/herself. When handing over goods, the Buyer may be asked to furnish his/her personal identity document and order information sent to the Buyer by the Seller.
  13. The Seller shall be released from liability for violation of terms of delivery of goods, if goods were not delivered to the Buyer or were delivered late at the fault of the Buyer or for circumstances within the Buyer’s control.

We accept:

  • direct payments (direct bank transfer from your bank account);
  • card Payments
  • PayPal payments (payments from your PayPal account to your PayPal account;

In case if you will prefare direct payment, we’ll send to your e-mail confirmation letter that parallelly must be used as order/bill to pay. Please prepare payment as soon as possible; after receiving of ammount of order we’ll prepare your order and send it.