Cages pro


Whichever motorcycle you choose - chopper or road, street or sport - it is very important that it is safe. The main hazard to street bikes is the likely lack of fall protection. The mechanisms must be protected - a small fall should not lead to the motorcycle breaking down.

PRO cages functions

Reinforced cages PRO series, specially designed for motorcyclists who value comfort, safety and reliability.

  • we use TIG and MIG welding during production, which makes the cage extremely reliable;
  • the cage is reinforced with ribs forming rigid knots to avoid longitudinal and transverse deformations;
  • in the kit, you will find 4 interchangeable sliders (2 on each side), which are located in such a way that the dynamic coefficient when the motorcycle falls is distributed evenly to all the attachment points of the frames;
  • reliable protection of the whole motorbike in the event of a fall or a minor crash, since this is what the tubes take the brunt of, and since they are made of high-quality steel, they can easily withstand it;
  • reliable protection of the mechanisms of the motorcycle itself - again, because in the event of an accident, it is they who will take the brunt of the blow and will be able to protect the engine from it;
  • a well-thought-out protection model can secure not only the engine but also the gas tank, which will avoid fuel leakage, keep the fuel level in order and save the motorcycle;
  • in the end, it's just beautiful. These curved, shiny tubes, whether made of steel or in the color of the motorcycle body, give the vehicle a special charm.

For those worried about an increase in overall air resistance, it is worth knowing that all protection installed on motorcycles is streamlined to maintain aerodynamics.

Who should install protection

Pro cages are reliable, proven protection for anyone who owns sports or street bikes. But this is especially important for those who prefer fast driving and uneven dirt roads. Pits and potholes often lead to loss of control of the motorcycle and, as a result, to fall.  Installation of such an accessory is very useful.

Cages PRO in online store Crazy Iron

This not only guarantees of good prices and fast shipping - it also guarantees high quality. Crazy iron online store, despite the large volumes of goods sold, values ​​its reputation.

Despite the fact that the design of the protection is very simple, it must be of high quality - no cracks, breaks, from good steel. There are no trifles when it comes to security.

Once the pro cages are received and installed, you will ensure that their presence does not affect ride comfort or handling.

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