Stunt cages


The motorcycle is most often associated with high speed and freedom of movement. But this is precisely why the slightest fall can lead to serious damage. Numerous studies have made it possible to make an unambiguous conclusion that the use of protective covers can significantly reduce the degree of damage to the motorcycle itself and its main mechanisms. At the same time, they can protect not only the vehicle itself, but also its driver. Increased driver safety is a byproduct of roll bars, not a goal. There have been studies showing that crash bars can help reduce shin injuries, and anecdotal evidence suggests they can be effective in preventing a bike's weight from dropping on a rider in the event of an accident.

Should you buy protective cages?

Stunt crash cage motorcycles are useful for reducing damage to motorcycle engines and body panels from side-to-side falls. The roll bar is usually a chrome-plated steel tube loop attached to each side of the motorcycle's under frame. A high-quality arc allows every motorcycle rider to feel more confident behind the wheel - of course, this has a good effect on driving security. The choice is due to design features:

  • Cages are made of metal of different quality;
  • They can be either simply left chrome-plated or painted in the main color of the motorbike, while becoming a stylish accessory;
  • The shape directly depends on the specific model of the bike;

Fasteners are usually supplied with shields and must be complete and of adequate quality.

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