Triple trees

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Choose stunt parts for your motorcycle in Crazy Iron. We offer for our customers a wide range of stunt parts for bikes including our innovative triple trees for stunt motorbikes Kawasaki.

The Most Reliable Motorcycle Triple Trees for the Best Bike Steering

A motorcycle triple tree is a stunt part that can impact the control of your bike. That is why we do our best to make our triple trees perfectly matched to your motorcycle model with ideal dimensions, and have increased parameters for wear and durability to provide you with improved motorbike steering long time. All our triple clamps are designed for stunt riding so you can appreciate pivoting the fork in the most convenient manner.

In our products, we use only the finest metal to reach the maximum durability and strength. That’s why our triple trees are long-lasting and you can fully rely on them even when making head-over-heel tricks on your bike.

Benefits of Crazy Iron Triple Clamps

Crazy Iron’s manufacture is located in Saint-Petersburg where we provide a fully innovative process CNC of motorcycle stunt parts production. Besides, there are several benefits you may appreciate:

  • Quality guarantee by the manufacturer.
  • Only durable metal with anode coating is used for triple clamp production.
  • Our prices are affordable even with shipping costs.
  • We offer items for the technical improvement of the most popular in stunt riding bike models.

Lots of Stunt Parts Available to Buy Online on Crazy Iron

As we are manufacturers of all the items represented on the website, we fully guarantee the high quality of our triple trees. All clamps pass tests to prove their reliability and security with our professional athlets. When ordering online on Crazy Iron, you are welcome to choose a convenient delivery method so we can send your order to almost every location via DHL, TNT, EMS services. We hope you’ll have a great experience purchasing our triple trees to make your motorcycle really ready for stunt riding.

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