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Riding a stunt motorbike requires more than just talent and skills of a rider. Sometimes, to provide comfort and safety, you should add something of aftermarket accessories to your bike to make its steering even sleeker. Motorcycle clipons are among these aftermarket accessories you may be interested in.

All Types of Motorbike Clipons Available In Stock

As for the origin of clipons, they are analogs to the handlebars of your motorcycle yet their constructive feature are different. Clip ons for a motorcycle are separate two bars that attach right to the fork tubes with the help of special clamps. They are quite popular among sports bikes owners and stunt riders due to the better steering provided along with easy replacement when needed.

In Crazy Iron, we’ve designed a product series of adjustable motorcycle clip ons to meet all the needs sports motorbikes lovers may have.

What you can adjust in universal clipons that you can purchase in our store?

  • The clip-ons are adjustable in height, the angle of rotation of the tube around the axis of the rack, bars have 12 points of adjustability, you have the option to go from +7 degrees to -7 degrees. You can do it according to the construction of your bike.
  • We offer raw silver aluminium or black anode clipons.
  • Various accessories for clipons including clipon bars, handlebar riser and clamps, you may need to replace broken ones.

We manufacture motorbike clipons ourselves so we are fully responsible for their high quality and endurance.

Buying Clipons for Your Bike Online Is Easy on Crazy Iron

Select the clip-on for your motorcycle according size of your forks. Here is Catalog_of_applicability_of_clip-ons_by_motorcycle_models. If you are not sure what size of clipons you need please contact us, write info about your bike, year and model and our consultants will check which clamps fit for your bike.
We know that not all sports bikes are equipped with clipons and sometimes you may need a replacement for them. We offer you to get your clipons just by ordering them online on our website. We’ll ship your order with minimal timelines. All you need is to know the features of your bike’s handlebars and choose a clipon kit that is relevant to them.

We offer a warranty to all the products for motorcyclists we manufacture and sell. So just enjoy the new abilities your motorcycle will acquire with our innovative and reliable clipons.

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