Handlebar risers

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The motorcycle’s handlebar is one of the most important items in your motorcycle. It is of great importance not only for the ergonomics of your bike, but also for its customization – maximum adaptation to your specific needs. However, from a technical point of view, this is also not a small detail, because almost all the controls of a motorbike are located on the handlebar. Therefore, it is very important that the controls are located comfortably and ergonomics in relation to the driver. For this, handlebar risers are used. Sometimes you even have to change the bar itself. And the handlebar risers will also help with this.

For stunt, you can use both the handlebar and the clip-ons. In the case of stunt riding diameter is most often 22 mm or 28 mm. You can choose from us risers of the needed height and for a suitable diameter of the bar.

The variety of clip-ons and motorcycle handlebar accessories is in the online shop Crazy Iron. Here you can focus on the model of your bike and pick up what do you need. Large motorcycle handlebar accessory bar selection, low prices, fast shipping – this is the best shopping for those who are planning a little tuning for their motorbike.

The selection of handlebars risers is quite large. Online store Crazy Iron can guarantee their high quality. Crazy iron handlebar risers made of high strength aluminum alloy, black anodized.

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