What is the difference between DAMPER and PRO cages?

DAMPER series is more massive. Cage DAMPER has Damper sliders with rubber spring, PRO cage has normal slider. Impossible to install simple sliders in a DAMPER cage and damper sliders in PRO cage, because tubes, where they are different. In Damper cage these tubes reinforced. PRO cage is more popular than DAMPER, because it has good guard and good price. We recommend DAMPER for very heavy bikes and for riders, who drop their bikes a lot of times every days.series is more massive, has Damper sliders. Tubes, where they are mounted, forced.

Can I order items if it’s they’re out of stock?

Yes, you can make a pre-order. 

How long and how much is delivery?

Delivery time depends on the destination. DHL and FedEx provide faster service, but can be more expensive. It will take a couple of days to get to Lithuania and Estonia. Delivery in Europe takes about 1-2 weeks. We try to choose the best prices and time of delivery for sending our orders. When calculating delivery, keep in mind that we need time for painting (when it comes to cages and subcages) and packaging. It may take 1-10 business days. Shipping times may be extended during the high season.