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Standard motorcycle pegs are outdated. Even more, if you have ever tried to use rearsets, you’ll know exactly that they provide you with more comfort and allow your bike to be safer and sleeker than when using conventional pegs to ride your motorbike. That’s why in Crazy Iron, we decided to design our own rearsets for a motorcycle. And it came further, as today we are glad to present you the whole product series for various bike models.

Choose Reliable Rearsets by Professional Motorbike Stunt Parts Manufacturer

First of all, why should you need these stunt parts for your motorcycle?

  • Rearsets allow your body to take a more comfortable position when riding a bike. You feel more stable and your legs and feet accept more loads than your arms and back. This way you can avoid mistakes when performing stunts.
  • The rearsets are stronger than the original ones. And pegs do not fold and act as sliders when falling. It's important in case professional using.
  • You can purchase extra aluminium pegs and sliders for our rearsets if yours have worn out over time.
  • Thanks to milled surface pegs of rearsets have a greater grip with sole of a motorcycle boot.
  • Besides, Crazy Iron’s rearsets look cool, creating an exclusive design of your motorbike.

We take into account our engineering skills and add to them the professional stunt riding experience to design and produce universal motorcycle rearsets you’ll be fully amazed by.

We Offer Universal Motorcycle Rearsets for Everyone

Our catalog includes rearsets for numerous bike types and models. You are welcome to choose rearsets for your Yamaha, Triumph, Kawasaki, Honda bike. We manufacture in standard raw aluminium color and elegant black anode.

Fast Delivery of your Rearsets Worldwide

We offer fast and comfortable shipping of all the products manufactured under Crazy Iron’s brand name. That’s why our customers are welcome to place an order for rearsets from all over the world. All you need is to make a purchase, indicate your address and preferred shipping method and we’ll send your rearset momentarily.
If you do not found rearsets for your motorcycle, please contact our consultants, maybe they are out of stock now or are being designed and will be available for order online in the near future.

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