Subs, subcages
Athletes of moto gymkhana and stunt riding choose high-quality motorcycle protection. Indeed, in their sport, the bike falls several times during training. And limiting yourself to just one protective cell is no longer enough.
Falls are numerous and as practice shows:
At first, all newcomers to motorsports feel sorry for their motorcycle, thereby putting a barrier in advancing and improving their skills. With the increase in the experience of the rider, the fall of the iron friend becomes more severe and frequent. The motorcycle becomes a real tool in the hands of an athlete. And in order for it to serve as long as possible, it must be prepared and protected to the maximum.
But not only athletes use protection for a motorcycle.
After all, even in ordinary urban conditions, dropping your favorite bike, thereby damaging it, is not very pleasant.
In this section, we will talk about subcages for fighting iron horses.
The subcage for the motorcycle is installed on the seats of the factory standard footpegs. It protects the tail plastic and muffler in side impacts.
The footplates of the subcage are made of aluminum and have anti-slip knurling to provide stunt riders with better stability when performing tricks. A separate pleasant moment that should be noted is the increased passenger comfort when driving outside the stunt areas.
At the ends of the footrests there is a protective slider, which is installed on the thread.
It can be replaced if necessary, for example in case of abrasion or damage.
The subcage will serve as an additional stiffening rib in transverse impacts. Value for money and ease of installation are the main advantages in choosing the right protection for your motorcycle.
You can buy a subcage in our online store by clicking on the appropriate motorcycle model link in the product card.
Please note that the subcage comes in classic black. Painting in another color is optional according to the RAL catalog.
If you want to additionally purchase the option of painting in your preferred color, add the option COLOR PAINTING SERVICE to your cart
We have developed special dealer offers for wholesale requests for subcages.
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