Race rail


Protecting your motorcycle is an important and necessary activity to help increase the safety of every ride. It is difficult to argue with the fact that this is necessary primarily for those who travel fast and a lot. But when it comes to racing, another question already arises. The most effective protection for a motorbike, PRO cage, weighs a little over seven kg. While maintaining the same engine power, such an increase in mass can affect the speed only downward. But every second is precious on the track. But it is also not worth giving up protection - it can save quite important and expensive mechanisms, including the engine, from destruction.

The way out of the situation is to install the race rail system.

The advantages of the race rail system

Race rails is a line of lightweight protective cages for sport bikes. More precisely, this is a truncated version of the cell, without connecting the frames to each other. The kit weighs about 3.5 kg, which already looks acceptable for this level of protection.

Motorcycle race rails is an adaptation of professional protection for stock models of sportbikes.

Two attachment points to the frame and two sliders on each side, which will evenly distribute the impact energy during a fall, and with a high degree of probability will save from damage not only the expensive plastic of the side fairings, but also the tank, handlebars and other parts. What is important - outwardly, such accessories will not worsen the design in any way, the sports bike will look as stylish and fashionable as before they were installed.

All race rails, if possible, are designed for installation without cutouts in the fairings.

But for some motorcycle models, when installing the protective cage, a hole with a core drill in the plastic will be required under the mounting bracket.

Why install a race rail?

If you are preparing for races or just love to drive your sports bike, this type of protection will be optimal for you:

  • It is reliable - despite the weight of only 3.5 kg, such a cage is strong enough and ready to withstand impacts of different strengths;
  • This does not affect the speed - such a small weight can be easily compensated;
  • It's stylish - you can install a race rails motorcycle, made either in the color of chrome steel, or painted in the color of a motorbike;
  • It is modern - taking care of the safety of your own and your motorcycle is now relevant;
  • This is of high quality - such protection is made of really high-quality steel so that the reduction in weight does not affect the strength of the entire structure.

Race rail is a modern development for all riders who love and appreciate their sports bike.

How to buy a race rail in online store Crazy Iron?

The easiest and most effective way is to order from our online store. There is a fairly large selection for almost any brand of motorcycle, from Honda to Harley-Davidson. The procedure is very simple - select the desired race rail in the catalog, place an order, pay and decide on the shipping. The next step is to receive your order at the agreed time, install a protection system and conduct races more comfortably and safely.

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