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There is no need to say that the selection of stunt parts for a bike is a key factor for a secure and safe ride. This concerns all motorcycle accessories yet for sprockets, it is the basic truth. In Crazy Iron web store, we offer all bike owners to buy motorcycle sprockets online with the highest quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

What Are Motorbike Sprockets?

Sprockets for motorcycles are stunt parts that are mounted on the rear wheels of a bike as a part of the final drive system. These are metal gear wheels designed to mesh with the final drive chain. Each chain-driven motorcycle has two sprockets connected by a chain. The large rear sprocket is attached to the rear wheel.

The Best Motorcycle Sprockets by Crazy Iron

As sprockets are motorcycle parts that experience heavy loads, in Crazy Iron we designed these stunt parts adhering to the maximum durability and reliability. We manufacture sprockets on our plant in Saint-Petersburg under the strictest quality control. Besides, we also know how important it is to make your motorbike unique and impressive so our sprockets are designed to fulfil these requirements.

We offer rear stunt bike sprockets for various motorcycle brands. It is easy to choose the product you need in our catalog as we have convenient filters for this.  You are welcome to buy sprockets for your Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda. The most common options are sprockets for 520 chains with 60 or 64 teeth. All sprockets are made of high-strength aluminium.

To get Crazy Iron's sprockets for your motorcycle, you need to place an order on our website. After you choose products you want to buy, please,  choose the shipping option. We'll be ready to start picking up your order after your payment is transferred. We'll notify you about your purchase delivery terms right after it will be sent.

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