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A motorcycle is not only about speed and pleasure, but also responsibility. Each owner is personally responsible for ensuring that his vehicle is in good working order and has all the necessary accessories. This is not only a matter of comfort, but also of safety - there are no trifles when driving a motorcycle. Even if it seems to you that you can do without some kind of accessory, you should not risk it.

Paddock racks

Paddock stands motorcycles are not technically part of a vehicle, but they provide the ability to keep it upright. This is a must-have accessory:

  • for a comfortable motorcycle parking;
  • to support him before starting the races;
  • if there is a need to carry out a quick repair of transport;
  • at exhibitions and presentations - for the stable position of the model.

This is very important because an unstable position or lying down on the motorcycle can damage it and result in unsafe driving. The use of paddock stands is convenient during frequent stops, as they allow you to conveniently position the bike even in the field.

Where to buy reliable and stylish paddock stands?

If you buy a beautiful and stylish rack, the paddock stands will become a noticeable accessory to the bike. But for this, you should choose not only a beautiful rack, but also a very reliable one. Most often they are a curved tube. In order for the tube to support the weight of the motorcycle, they must be made of very high quality steel. Every universal paddock stand should be stable enough to support the weight of even the heaviest and largest bike.

Most often, recently, buyers go to the online store in order to purchase a stylish and durable paddock. Only there you can find a really large selection that will make your bike unique. In addition, a good verified site cooperates only directly with manufacturers and can guarantee you the quality of the purchased products. Moreover, they can discuss the types and quality of steel and paddock stand adaptors directly with the factory.

Type of paddocks

Before you buy a paddock stand, you should decide which type will suit you best. To do this, it is important to know for what purpose you will use the rack most often - whether it is an exhibition stand, a repair shop, or just a stop along the way.

You can choose between:

  • The side stand is inserted into the rear axle shaft. Convenient to use for motorcycle washing, oil change and other service work. And also such stands are indispensable in motocross and enduro competitions;
  • Most riders prefer a stand with the ability to raise the motorcycle by pressing the foot on the pedal. Such stands are commonly referred to as a lift-lift or lift-stand. This type of stand is a must-have for every motocross or enduro rider.
  • For both types - adapters that allow you to position the motorbike on the stand as firmly and reliably as possible, while not damaging it.

If your motorcycle is still not equipped with a stand, you should definitely get one. This will be a great help both on the road and when storing the bike in the garage.

How to choose a stand?

Distinguish between front and rear gear for a motorcycle. Typically, such structures are equipped with wheels for convenience. By adjusting the frame to the bike, even the heaviest block can be easily lifted using the lever. The front wheel is usually equipped with a universal mount, so it can be mounted on any type of tire. Often, adapters are also needed, which are selected according to the diameter of the studs of the motorcycle model. A DIY motorcycle stand is useful for pre-ride maintenance or garage storage in winter. This is to ensure that the weight of the vehicle does not affect the suspension.


The motorcycle rear stand is a rigid structure that lifts and fixes it at the same time. It is needed when lubricating the chain, repairing the engine, servicing the brake system.

If your bike has sliders, you can take this into account. A motorcycle stand, which may have special clips on the drawings, will be able to securely hold the motorcycle, and the sliders will not damage plastic and paint.

The rear stand uses two methods of fastening the motorcycle - through the rear wheel axle or through the swingarm bushings. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the tackle has the appropriate pitch and thread diameter. It is better to choose a wide design and long, powerful studs. The simplest scheme is a staple one. It has a curved shape and is very reliable. Having launched the device under the bike in one motion, it remains only to squeeze out the weight of the vehicle.

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