Guards for moto


Motorbike protection

To protect the motorcycle, we offer cages, sliders, crashbars and subcages, axle pegs and other motorcycle equipment. For lightweight motorcycles usually crashbars or race rail are enough. For maximum protection, use both cage and subcage protection. And to reduce slippering way after fall use axle sliders and pegs.

Arcs/Guards for motorcycle

Crash guards or Crash cages are designed to protect the most important parts of the motorcycle in case of a fall – the motor cover, and to minimize damage to the plastic fairing when the fallen motorcycle slides on the asphalt.

Our arcs presented in the catalog usually have a reliable design and are attached to the motorcycle at three points on each side. The design and choice of material for the crash bars of the motorcycle is developed individually for each model and depends on weight, possible attachment points and design features of the motorcycle model. If necessary, the crash bars are equipped with sliders that take over the primary impact energy, softening or completely absorbing it, and allow you to save the arc from scratches when the standing motorcycle falls.

Some motorcycle owners aim to make motorcycle arcs with their own hands, but in practice, faced with the reality, you need to understand that the engine guards, is a complex engineering creation that combines the complex technological process of drawing a 3D model, then bending the pipe in three planes, then welding all the elements, selecting the fasteners for the arcs and finally installation and testing.

When designing the motor-arc, the necessary gaps between the arc itself and the engine caps are taken into account, and the steel grade that will be capable of plastic deformation during impact is selected.

Ease of maintenance of the motorcycle, rider comfort, absence of necessity to cut plastic, protection of the footpegs. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to combine all. We choose the best solution, taking into account all the facts.

In the manufacture of mounts motorcycle arcs laser cutting is used, which makes the mounts arc aesthetically smooth shape.

Engine guards perfectly complement the frame on functional parameters, strengthen it and give the motorcycle as a whole a special, distinctive look.

Buy motorcycle crash bars in our online store by clicking on the corresponding motorcycle model link to the product card.

Stop Cells

-If you use a Crazy Iron cage for stuntriding, you can always replace the cage sliders as they wear out, because they are always available in our stores. It is up to the owner of the motorcycle to make the cage himself or to buy a finished, time-tested product. We offer you a decent variant of protection of your bike designed individually for each specific motorcycle model.
During the design process, in addition to reliable protection, we adhere to several other parameters:

-The cage PRO must be compact so that it is possible to use the motorcycle in urban traffic.
-The cage for a motorcycle must be aesthetically pleasing. That is why we offer our customers to choose the color of the cage themselves to complement the image of their bike, to highlight it among others and emphasize the preferences of the owner.
-Motocells must be reliable, so we use a rigid system similar to farms, with rod supports, longitudinal and transverse reinforcements.
-Crazy Iron cells are designed for Gymkhana’s needs. Angle of inclination of the motorcycle in a turn usually is the same, but still, if you install additional wheel pegs, then before you go to the site or track – feel this angle, remember at what point the touch occurs, because the wheel pegs are still more designed to perform stunts tricks than for gymkhana.
-If you use a Crazy Iron cage for stuntriding, you can always replace the cage sliders as they wear out, as they are always available in our stores.

Motorcycle protection never guarantees 100% protection, but only helps to increase the likelihood of damage reduction.

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