Brackets for brake calipers

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Lots of stunts where the rider doesn't sit on the bike in the usual way. The most popular tricks are seat standers, highchairs, and spreaders. To perform tricks where it is impossible to use the front wheel to brake and the foot can't reach the foot brake lever, the handbrake system was invented.

For this, an additional caliper on the rear brake rotor is used. For attaching additional calipers, we produce brake brackets. Riders can be use 1 or 2 additional calipers. Also you can use the original brake rotor or install a larger diameter disc. To install a non-original brake rotor, adapters may be required, which we also produce and sell in our online store.
When buying a brake brackets, you need to know which brake rotor you will be using (original or more size) and how many calipers you are going to install.

The most common brake systems for stunters are of two types:

- using the original disc for an additional caliper
- larger diameter, where you can install 1 or 2 additional calipers.

Our brake brackets made of high strength aluminum, they have original modern design. Color: silver raw or black anode coating.

All our parts were tested with professional riders.

To buy brake brackets in our online store very easy. Just choose brake brackets for your bike, put into basket and make purchase.

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