Kawasaki ZX6R project for Nikita Prisyazhnyuk

Nikita Prisyazhnyuk is without a doubt the pride of his parents and sponsors, as he makes incredible progress in motorsport.

At the dawn of his career in stunt riding, Nikita trained on a small motorcycle HONDA MSX125 GROM, which was equipped in CRAZY IRON with all the necessary equipment to perform filigree stunts.
A crash cage, specially shaped handlebars, oversized star, reinforced footpegs, a handbrake bracket and more have been installed on our bike, allowing the young rider to focus on mastering difficult tricks.

Not so long ago, Nikita switched to a double-heavy Kawasaki 636 Ninja motorcycle, which was also assembled at Crazy Iron.
Milled parts that are lighter and stronger than the original make Nikita's bike competitive on the world stage, and together with Nikita's skills and experience, guarantee him prizes in the very near future.

Every gram of weight on a bike can sometimes make a difference when it comes to seconds of speed in drifts and degrees of lift in stoppies.

We are watching with interest the growth of Nikita in this difficult sport.