Project TRIUMPH Street Triple 675 for Foma Kalinin

Foma currently trains and competes on a Triumph Street Tripple 675 motorcycle, on which the lion's share of equipment is made up of parts designed and manufactured at our Crazy Iron factory.

Enlarged sprockets with different number of teeth,

Traverses reinforcing the steering column,

Handbrake bracket for installing additional calipers,

Tilt limiter with scrapers that strike sheaves of sparks

Pegs with platforms for sure footing in unstable tricks,

Damper sliders in a cage reduce the load on the frame and motor during falls and bumps,

Wheel pegs that lift the spinning wheel off the asphalt at the time of the fall.

Foma Kalinin will undoubtedly forever be in the top three leaders of world stunt riding.

In his youth, he is already a multiple winner of the most difficult international competitions.

His motorcycle control skills are really virtuoso and it is unlikely that in the coming years someone will be able to repeat his most difficult tricks with the same ease.

High amplitude jumps, controlled highsides, hands-free wheelie riding, unicycle, baldini, power with a change of direction, wheel slalom, kangaroo 360, tornado drift and tsunami - all the most difficult elements in one show from Foma Kalinin.

Working with his motorcycle with the direct participation of Thomas himself gave us great pleasure and significantly advanced our skills in understanding how parts should work in terms of ergonomics and convenience for the athlete.