How to choose protection for a motorcycle

-I would like to protect the motorcycle as much as possible. What protection do you recommend?

-We would advise starting not from the maximum in protection, but from your needs. Of course, you can use a sports cage on a civilian motorcycle.
But is it necessary?
It is unlikely that you will launch a motorcycle into space several times a day.
Sports cages do not use any other steel.
It must be understood that a type of steel profile is the same in all cages.
We use 32x2 seamless pipe.

-Why seamless 32x2?

-Yes, because it is much lighter with the same stiffness.

And also because there is no chance that the seam will open while the motorcycle is sliding on asphalt, so the cage will last you much longer than if it was welded from a seam water and gas pipe.

In summary, I will say the following.

To select a cage, evaluate your ability to control a motorcycle. To get to work through city traffic jams, you do not need a cage for 500Euro with damper sliders.

It will be enough for you to install rails for 209Euro or a cage for 299. And be sure that the safety margin will allow you to be calm for the safety of the equipment.

As for the classic compact crash bars for 159Euro, they are also made by us from a seamless profile, however, the motorcycle coverage area will not be so wide.

The choice is yours,
And if you have any questions, you can ask our consultants.