CRAZY IRON 3D-adjustable clip-ons 7/8" for motorcycle, 43

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Crazy Iron adjustable clip ons 43 mm

A set of adjustable clip-ons is designed to replace the original clip-ons that failed during a fall, or to change the rider's position for greater comfort right during the training session if necessary.

Lifting and turning the clip-on bars in the handlebar risers allows for individual and fine-tuning of the steering. Each element of the set has risks, with the help of which you can easily adjust the left and right clip-ons to the same height and symmetrically at the turn angles.

The clips are adjustable in height up to 60 mm, the angle of the tube is from 0 to 7 degrees, the angle of rotation of the tube around the axis of the stand is 360 degrees.
The outer diameter of the bars is 22 mm, the inner diameter is 13 mm, the length of the straight part is 260 mm, the length of the part for the handlbar risers is 35 mm.

Clip ons are adjustable in:

·        Height - 60 mm

·        Angle of inclination of the tube from 0 to 7 degrees

·        The angle of rotation of the tube around the axis of the fork is 360 degrees

Clip ons dimensions:

·        Outer diameter of tubes - 22 mm

·        Inside diameter - 13 mm

·        Straight part length - 260 mm

·        Length of the part under the stand 35 mm

Clip-ons are made of high-strength aluminum alloy by milling and turning.

Applicability by motorcycle models can be viewed <b><a target="_blank" href="">in the catalog</a></b> .

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Crazy Iron is a strong engineering team and the world's largest catalog of motorcycle protection.
Crazy Iron is all about payback and saving on repairs after the first motorcycle fall.
Crazy Iron is state-of-the-art equipment. CNC, plasma, laser, 3D-scanning and layout.