CRAZY IRON Engine Crashbar BMW S1000R since `17-

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SKU: 902060
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Product Description.

This is Crazy Iron BMW S1000R Engine Guard Stunt Cage. We call it PRO series- technologies used
in this cages are stunt technologies and they are extremely reliable!
Cage joints are reinforced with special coupling which make them stronger in longitudinal and crosscut impacts.
This kit goes with 4 sliders (2 on each side, can be purchised separately).
This sliders are located on the cage in the way that dynamic coefficient is distributed equally to
all the attachment points when bike crashes.
This full kit includes all hardware that you need to install that kit.

It's important! The Cage is very compact so you will not be bothered with it size or weight!

Terms of Buy.

Basic color of crash bars is BLACK. When you press "Buy it now", next step is to contact us with ebay message
and text us which color you prefer.
We will powder coat your stunt cage for you.

Colors can be:
Black (basic)
Bright green

If you will make no any comments after buying our product you will get basic BLACK cage.


We need 5-7 WORKING days to handle your order. (Painting, international packaging, etc.)


Delivery is carried out by airmail.
Usually it takes 3-5 weeks from "buy it now" to package to your door.
Crazy Iron is a strong engineering team and the world's largest catalog of motorcycle protection.
Crazy Iron is all about payback and saving on repairs after the first motorcycle fall.
Crazy Iron is state-of-the-art equipment. CNC, plasma, laser, 3D-scanning and layout.