CRAZY IRON Race Rail BMW S1000XR 2020-

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SKU: 90206518
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Motorcycle protection RACE RAIL combines light weight, compactness and reliability, it has two points of mounting to each sides of motorcycle.

The kit includes 4 black sliders (2 on each side), which are arranged in such a way that the dynamic coefficient when the motorcycle falls is distributed evenly to all points of attachment of the frames.

If we have raw products in stock, then after you order we will complete the installation kit, paint and pack. It may take 2-15 days.
If items aren't in stock we need time for making items. It take 5-60 days. Delivery time depends on your location.
Basic color is black matt, confirm black or choose other color please adding COATING to basket.

May be required cut the fairing depending on the model and year of the motorcycle. If you need more information, please, contact us.
The design of the sliders in the kit may differ from the photo.
The price is for a complete installation kit on both sides. Subcage, pegs and other equipment are not included.

This guard doesn’t guarantee the full safety of the motorcycle, but only reduces the likelihood of damage from a fall.

Your order may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country.

Crazy Iron is a strong engineering team and the world's largest catalog of motorcycle protection.
Crazy Iron is all about payback and saving on repairs after the first motorcycle fall.
Crazy Iron is state-of-the-art equipment. CNC, plasma, laser, 3D-scanning and layout.