Elastic spacer for DAMPER sliders 2 pcs.

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SKU: 5119.3
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Elastic spacer for Crazy Iron damper cages
Inserted into the cage sleeve as a support for the slider.
Absorbs impact energy when the motorcycle falls.
By compressing, the spacer absorbs the shock.
The impact is transmitted to a much lesser extent to the frame, thereby reducing the likelihood of damage to motorcycle components.
The price is for 2 pcs.
The size (depth) of the sleeve cage is always individual.
For one damping slider, you may need one to five spacers.
Spacer diameter is 27 mm (corresponds to the outer diameter of the 32nd pipe)
Bushing height is 28 mm (one or more spacers can be placed in one sleeve without loss of damping properties)
Crazy Iron is a strong engineering team and the world's largest catalog of motorcycle protection.
Crazy Iron is all about payback and saving on repairs after the first motorcycle fall.
Crazy Iron is state-of-the-art equipment. CNC, plasma, laser, 3D-scanning and layout.