Adjustable cnc subcages

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The Crazy Iron CNC subcage has a unique design and allows you to adjust the position of the footrests according to the needs of the motorcycle owner. Our subcage is needed not only by stunters, but also by ordinary motorcyclists who appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of their motorcycle. Creating a unique stunt motorcycle requires adding to the construction special stunt parts like a subcage. This is a part of the motorbike’s guard intended to protect motorcycle overturns, provide extra protection against side falls, transverse impacts, and as additional support for the legs when learning bike tricks. The whole definition shows that it is very important for a subcage to be durable and strong enough to withstand regular loadings and extreme situations. This principle became the motto of Crazy Iron when we designed and manufactured our CNC subcages.

CNC Subcages for Motorcycles by Crazy Iron

Our subcages can be attached instead of the original rear footpegs of  motorbike. They have multiple benefits due to their innovative construction::
  • Extra durability due to the choice of finest quality aluminium for subcage manufacturing.
  • Exclusive design that attracts an eye and makes your bike the one-and-only on the road.
  • We have raw silver or black anodized CNC adjustable subcages.
  • Easy-to-mount construction allows you to equip your motorcycle with additional protection quickly even without a technician’s help.
  • Stable non-slip footrests for better foot support when performing tricks.
With Crazy Iron’s subcages you are ready to perform daredevil jumps and tricks. To get your subcage from Crazy Iron, just order it on the website. You can order from stock or make pre-order. Ask our manager about ETA in case back-order.
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